What is a aquarium sump or reef sump?

Aquarium sumps give you greater control over your tank. They help to clean the water of accumulating organics with proper filtration. They also provide you a safe place to pour in additives and other needed elements to have a successful aquarium. One of the main reasons to have a sump is to allow you to hide equipment like heaters, protein skimmers and monitoring probes away from the display tank.  By using a sump you will add more water volume to your system, which will allow your systems parameters to be more stable than without a sump. 

Here at Synergy Reef, we have many different types of sumps and sizes of sumps to accommodate a wide range of aquariums. Our sumps can be used on the marine, reef and fresh water aquariums. Check our our sumps here SYNERGY REEF SUMPS

If you need assistance with finding the right sump for your next aquarium, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or assistance!

Glass Cages Aquarium with Shadow Overflow plumbed into a Synergy Reef Sump.