Aquarium Sumps

What is a aquarium sump or reef sump?

Elevate Your Aquarium Control with Synergy Reef Sumps

Aquarium sumps play a pivotal role in providing enthusiasts with enhanced control over their tanks. These reservoirs contribute to water cleanliness by effectively filtering out accumulating organics, ensuring optimal filtration. Additionally, they serve as a secure space for the introduction of additives and essential elements, facilitating the success of your aquarium.

A key advantage of incorporating a sump into your system lies in the ability to conceal equipment such as heaters, protein skimmers, and monitoring probes away from the display tank. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your aquarium but also promotes a clutter-free environment.

By opting for a sump, you introduce additional water volume to your system, fostering greater stability in key parameters compared to setups without a sump. This stability is crucial for creating an environment conducive to the well-being of your aquatic inhabitants.

At Synergy Reef, we understand the diverse needs of aquarium enthusiasts, offering a comprehensive range of sumps in various types and sizes. Our sumps are designed to cater to marine, reef, and freshwater aquariums, ensuring versatility and compatibility. Explore our selection of high-quality sumps to elevate your aquarium experience. Visit our website for more information on our sump options: Synergy Reef Sumps.

If you need assistance with finding the right sump for your next aquarium, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or assistance!

Synergy Reef SK44 Sump and Shadow V3 Overflow

Navigating the Transition: From Freshwater to Saltwater Tanks

For those entering the realm of saltwater aquariums from the familiar terrain of freshwater tanks with their conventional setups, there’s a noteworthy shift in the dynamics. Setting up a saltwater tank involves nuances beyond the obvious distinctions, and one significant departure lies in the prevalent use of an overflow and sump system.

Unlike freshwater tanks where equipment is either contained within the tank or hangs on the back, saltwater tanks often employ an overflow and sump configuration. While this might seem like Captain Obvious pointing out the obvious, the differences extend beyond the surface.

In the context of saltwater setups, a sump is essentially an additional tank positioned under or away from the primary tank. It serves as a dedicated space for housing most of the equipment essential for the operation of the main display tank. Though smaller in size compared to the primary tank, the volume it contributes adds to the overall stability of the entire system.

The overflow, aptly named, is the mechanism through which water is drawn from the main display tank and directed into the sump. This is typically achieved by allowing water to overflow in a controlled manner, facilitating its transfer to the sump. Embracing this overflow and sump system in saltwater tanks brings about subtle yet impactful variations that contribute to the unique character of these aquatic environments. Our Shadow® Overflow is the industry standard in aquarium overflow systems. You can find more information about the Shadow® Overflow here.