Receiving Guidelines

Thank you for ordering from Synergy Reef Systems. For our experienced shippers/receivers, this information will serve as a reminder. For our customers who don’t ship or receive on a regular basis, we ask you to read the instructions below. If you have any questions please let us know before delivery.

Please give a copy of these receiving instructions to anyone in your organization that will be signing for this shipment. The vast majority of shipments are on time and undamaged. However, shipping damage does occur. It is critical that you read, understand and follow these procedures before signing any shipping papers.

Responsibility: Synergy Reef Systems. It is our responsibility to ship your product in packaging that meets or exceeds industry standard shipping requirements. All merchandise leaving our docks is packaged appropriately for the shipping method being used. We shipped your product FOB origin, shipping prepay and add unless other arrangements were made with us when the order was placed. If you asked us to use your freight/Fedex account, there should be no additional shipping charges on your invoice.

Transportation Company: It is the transport company’s responsibility to pick up your shipment from our docks and deliver to you according to their prescribed internal and published guidelines. It is their responsibility to handle your package carefully so that no damage is done to your product using their shipping/handling methods. Once it is in transport companies possession it is their responsibility.

Client Company (Customer): It is your responsibility to inspect your package contents or shipment carefully before you sign ANYTHING. Your signature is part of the shipping company’s legal documentation that your package was delivered and there were no damages to your merchandise while it was in their care. DO NOT Sign if the transport company refuses to wait for you to inspect your merchandise. Ask to speak with their supervisor!

Once a package has been signed for, the product is considered delivered by both the transportation company and Synergy Reef Systems.

See if there appears to be damage to the product or wrapping. Even a slight tear or dent is considered damage to the exterior of a shipping box. If the merchandise is damaged,  you as the buyer, file against the shipping company. They will take the product with them as evidence for their reports. We can provide assistance in these cases as needed. Please email us immediately if there is damage to any merchandise. Please read our Warranty/Return Policy for more information on damaged items.

Delivery Schedule: Synergy Reef Systems has no ability to control the transit company’s delivery schedule once it leaves our docks. A late delivery is not grounds for refusing a shipment or canceling an order unless Synergy Reef Systems is notified before the product ships, so that we may advise your best delivery options. Some shipments can be rescheduled via shippers website.

Synergy Reef Systems is not responsible for delivery delays due to local weather, traffic conditions, drivers running late, etc.

LARGE SUMPS – LTL Freight Shipments

Any of our larger items and sumps over 34″ are shipped via UPS LTL Motor Freight on a large pallet. These items will be delivered to your address chosen when you placed the order. Please be aware that LTL Freight is not like a standard ground package service. UPS Freight will contact you to setup a appointment for delivery. Transit times are not guaranteed with LTL Freight. The delivery date and time is controlled by the LTL Freight company and we have no control over these times. Please be aware of this when ordering large items. If you cannot be available for delivery, you can choose to pick up your  items at the Freight Terminal near your area (If local terminal is available).

Items that DO NOT require a signature:

  • Items under $500 do not require a signature for delivery. Most items will be left at your door without a signature.
  • Inspect the package for damage during transit!
  1. If the shipping box is not damaged, open the item that you have received and carefully inspect the item for damages that may have occurred during shipping.  If there are any signs of damage you must Notify us via email [email protected] within 24 hours of delivery.
  2. For damaged packages with visible signs of damage to the shipping box, that do not require a signature, please take photos of the package before opening it. Open the package and then inspect carefully for any damage to the product. If there is damage, Notify us via email [email protected] within 24 hours of delivery.