Why is the Synergy Reef Shadow® Overflow the BEST Overflow for your Aquarium.

What is an Overflow Box? An overflow box serves the purpose of draining water from your display aquarium into your aquarium sump or filtration system. It typically comprises a weir and drainpipes designed to efficiently redirect water out of your tank and into the sump. The installation of overflow boxes can be undertaken either by […]

Aquarium Sumps

What is a aquarium sump or reef sump? Elevate Your Aquarium Control with Synergy Reef Sumps Aquarium sumps play a pivotal role in providing enthusiasts with enhanced control over their tanks. These reservoirs contribute to water cleanliness by effectively filtering out accumulating organics, ensuring optimal filtration. Additionally, they serve as a secure space for the […]

Aquarium Basics 101 – Nitrogen Cycle, What is it?

The nitrogen cycle is a process that occurs in all aquariums, and it is essential for maintaining the health of the fish and other organisms living in the aquarium. This document will explain the “Cycle” and how it works. NH3 (ammonia) to N02 (Nitrite) The nitrogen cycle begins when fish produce waste in the form […]