Who We Are!

Welcome to Synergy Reef Systems. We are a family owned and operated premier manufacturer of acrylic products specializing in aquarium life support systems. Being family owned we focus on YOU, the customer, not pushing masses of products out to third parties to sell. We sell nothing but the highest quality hand built artisan products. Our attention to detail is what sets us apart from all others. You will not find our hand built items online or in any stores as we sell them directly to you, the customer. We focus on the quality of our products first and do not sacrifice it for more sales! This means that you will always get the highest quality product at the best price. No middle men to pay means better products for you, guaranteed! Just ask our current customers and you will see why we are regarded as the best!

It’s all in the details!! This has been our motto since day 1! Other may look similar, but when you see them in person you will see that they are missing the details that count!

Why are we different from the other manufacturers?
    1. Attention to detail – We strive to make sure every product that leaves our facility has met our high quality standards, Guaranteed! This means better materials, better machining and polished edges. Not mass produced for retail products that you will find in every store or online store.
    2. Cutting edge technology – We are always keeping our machinery and software up to tomorrow’s standards. Doing lower volume production means that we have more time to maintain our equipment and produce a better product!
    3. Innovation –  Our products are always changing and pushing the envelope. By not mass producing our products, this allows us to create the most advanced designs available to the aquarium hobbyist and professionals.
  1. “Made In the U.S.A” – We are proud to be a company that puts emphasis on supporting other US companies by using US made raw materials for our own products. Lesser quality foreign materials won’t cut it for us. Our quality shows what “Made In the U.S.A” really means! Look for this symbol on our 100% Made in the USA products!
  2. Involved In the Reefing Community – We not only manufacture high quality products, we are avid reefers and actually are part of the reefing community. We test and use our own equipment. This allow us to understand what Reef Aquariums require and what works best. Not just what makes the bottom line look good.
  3. Customer Service! – Our Customer Service is second to none! We want you to be satisfied and not have to wait around for a reply when you have a question.

We are located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Being centrally located in the US allows us to have very competitive shipping and freight prices.

When you want quality and performance, and do not want to compromise, you will want Synergy Reef® Systems!

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