Synergy Reef CL-44.4 (4″ Sock Version) Sump

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44″ x 18″ x  18″ Reef Sump with 4″ Filter Socks These sumps are built to order and current lead time is 3-4 weeks.

  • Exterior Wall Color*
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  • Add Refugium*
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  • Return Bulkhead #1*
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  • Return Bulkhead #2*
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  • 1/2" Bulkheads (x3)*
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  • 1/4" ATO Fitting in Return*
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  • 4 Port Probe Holder*
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  • Heater Holders*
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  • 4" Filter Socks 100 Micron*
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  • Sock Silencer (set)*
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  • Stainless Thumbscrews*
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  • Add ATO*
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Are you looking for the perfect sump that not only looks awesome, but has over the top performance and will last for years? The Synergy Reef® CL-44 model sumps are your answer. We have designed this model to meet the demands of the reefer who demands more than the average off the shelf sump for large systems. These sumps are ready out of the box to meet those needs! These are hand-built right here in the USA with only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Make sure you check other sump manufactures’ 44″ sump dimensions as they are not the same as ours. Our 44″ models are designed to provide the best functionality on your system, not designed for easy shipping for mass market. The larger width and height set us apart.

Refugium wall is optional and placed 10″ from the sock wall. Please select the refugium option from the options when ordering. Refugium does have a separate Poly carbonate lid over it with passive baffle system. This photo below is a CL44.4 with the Refugium Option installed.


  • Standard – Matching Color sides and back. ***** If you would like the sides and back the to be a all clear , please select “ALL CLEAR” in the Exterior Wall Color Option above.
  • Dimensions: 44″ long x 18″ wide x 18″ high
  • Skimmer Section: 27.5″ x 17.5″ (without Optional Refugium)
  • Skimmer Section: 17″ x 17.5″ (with Optional Refugium)
  • Return Pump Section: 6″ x 17.5″
  • Total Water Volume: 58 gallons
  • Skimmer Water Level: 6″ to 10″ adjustable
  • Removable Laser cut media tray in between the baffles use for filter pads and bags of media
  • Laser etched water level markings to allow easy setup of skimmer water depth from 6″ to 9.5″
  • High Quality Precision Machined Poly carbonate lids over Filter Socks, Optional Refugium and Return Pump areas
  • High Quality machine rounded and chamfered edges
  • Advanced designed Euro-bracing also has cord routing and Dosing connections built in
  • 4 x 1/4″ John Guest tubing holders for plug n play dosing / ATO connection
  • Drain Input Fittings: 3 x 1.5″ ABS Bulkheads (Allows Plug n Play with the Shadow Overflow® systems)
  • Filter Socks Holders: Fits 2 – 4″ x 12″
  • 3 holes in center euro-brace to accommodate optional 1/2″ Bulkheads for easy hookup to manifold returns or reactors.
  • Return Area has a 1″ bulkhead and optional 3/4″ Bulkhead for easy return pump hookups.
  • Optional 10 Gallon Matching ATO can be found Here: 10 Gallon CL ATO

MSRP: $774.99

We ship these via LTL Freight on a pallet due to Large size of these sumps. Ground shipping available for an additional handling/packaging charge.

*****These sumps are built to order and current lead time is 3-4 weeks.

Additional information

Weight 105 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 30 × 30 in
1/4" ATO Fitting in Return




4" Filter Socks 100 Micron

, ,

Sock Silencer (set)

No, Yes, I do want matching sock silencers

8 reviews for Synergy Reef CL-44.4 (4″ Sock Version) Sump

  1. nick (verified owner)

    Just got mine set up! red mercury… really nice sump. also ordered the 10 gallon ATO. One more thing…You should throw in a sticker with your sumps and maybe a shirt! Free advertising man!!!!

  2. TStuc70890 (verified owner)

    I purchased the CL-44 in November 2016. Arrived at my home in Cheyenne, Wy in perfect shape. I was extremely impressed with the packing. The sump has a refugium and works perfectly in my setup. If you are thinking about a new sump, give this one serious consideration.

  3. Tuan (verified owner)

    I just completed a tank upgrade to 180G. I purchased the CL44 for this new build and wow, its very very NICE sump. I spent many days researching which sump to get. This one just had all the features that I wanted, and it looks very cool. When I received it, the craftsmanship is very apparent. No comparisons to my other sumps.
    The design is well thought out and plugs well with the Shadow 16″ Overflow (which I also got for this new build).
    I’m looking to get an ATO unit later on, hopefully a custom size one because I want more than 10G ????

  4. matt (verified owner)

    I had a tough time finding a high quality sump that maximized the space I had in the stand and providing all the options I wanted, and the CL44 fits perfectly while not loosing inches of space in depth or height. After comparing Synergy’s offerings and checking their work out in person, Specs, build quality and price made the CL44 my choice over the competition (looked at sumps from BT, BS, GR, AA, and RE).

    The sump was built exactly as ordered from the options available, including inverting the flow to go right to left with no cost increase (got to love that!), and Synergy communicated and responded immediately to all my questions. Vanessa was very pleasant and knowledgeable through the entire process including after I received the sump.

    Packaging was 2nd to none, and even though my UPS delivery guy was clearly in a rush, the sump was in pristine shape when I pulled it out of the box. Build materials and quality are above expectations all the way down to the details. No excess glue, almost no bubbles in the seams, perfect fit on all the pieces and high quality acrylic all the way around.

    Overall, I am very happy with my decision to purchase from Synergy and will enjoy my sump for years to come. I highly recommend them to my friends and other MAS club members when we get together.

  5. kyle.edmundson (verified owner)

    Review for Synergy Reef CL-44 Sumps

  6. matt.rezny1

    It was a pleasure doing business with Synergy Reef! First off, top notch service, communication, and products! I live in the area and was able to stop in and talk with Rick and Vanessa and see how everything is made. You are truly buying the best of the best when you purchase from Synergy Reef!

    I purchased the CL-44 for my 180gal build. This sump is so beautiful that I decided to not build any doors for my stand to show this off. Who would cover up a Ferrari?

    Anyways, the sump itself is ultra quiet! Built with high quality acrylic, perfectly laid out sections, and enough space in case of a power outage. Most of the competitors for a ‘like’ sump measure out at 44″ x 16″ x 15″ vs. the CL-44: 44″ x 18″ x 18″ – 58gal.

    Highly recommend Synergy Reef and look forward to continually doing business with them!

  7. tolbertj82 (verified owner)

    If you are trying to decide on what manufacture you want to use for your sump. Look no further! These are made with quality materials and you can tell heart went into the build. I had expectations that this would be an awesome sump but when it arrived it definitely exceeded my expectations down to the packaging. Once I got the sump set up and ran it for the first time, it was extremely quiet. I have an ecotech L1 running on my system at 100% power. And remains quiet. There is plenty of room for a large skimmer even with the refugium option. I am using the reef Octopus 250int. Now i ordered the ATO, I can’t wait to see that come in.

  8. Cynthia Robertson (verified owner)

    These are truly professional craftspersons! The sump was delivered on time, expertly packaged and functionally beautiful in every way! They know their business and fulfill all expectations. THANKS!

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